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Using CoStar Suite at the premises of a placement employer

Do not use your UWE log-in

The licence terms for CoStar Suite expressly forbid the use of your UWE log-in to access CoStar Suite whilst you are working for your placement employer. You can access CoStar Suite from your home, or from UWE premises, but you must not use any of the information or data gathered from this source (or any other UWE licensed resource) for the benefit of your employer. You may only use it to support your academic work.

Use your employer's subscription to CoStar

If your employer has their own subscription to CoStar Suite or CoStar Focus you should request that your employer contact the CoStar help desk to arrange access under their own subscription. You can then use your employer's subscription and associated login while you are on their premises and undertaking work for them.

Usage monitoring

CoStar monitors where users are connecting from and the log-in credentials being used. Therefore, if you use your UWE log-in inappropriately CoStar will detect the infringement of their license terms and withdraw the CoStar service for all UWE students.

Registering with CoStar Suite

To register:

  • E-mail from your UWE e-mail address. (CoStar will only accept a UWE e-mail address as evidence that you are a current student or employee of UWE.)
  • Put in as the subject heading: "University of The West of England – CoStar Suite Access Request"
  • In the body of the e-mail, write your UWE e-mail address, your full name, course name and course completion date

The CoStar customer service department will reply with login details and a password.

Any requests received at weekends (ie from 17:00 Fridays) will not be attended to until Monday 9:00.

For further queries the CoStar customer service number is 020 7009 2900, or contact your Faculty Librarian.

Annually CoStar invests millions of pounds into developing its services and collating and verifying the data within it. Accordingly, the intellectual property in its services and its data is of paramount importance to it. We use facial recognition authentication to authenticate use and detect potential fraudulent use. Any images taken as part of the facial recognition authentication are used solely to authenticate a user’s access to our Services. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy provide further detail.

Connect to CoStar Suite

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