Username and Password

What does my UWE username and password give me access to?

All students and staff are issued with a username and password that allows access to IT facilities across the University and online resources. These facilities include:

In addition staff gain access to:

  • Staff computing
  • Faculty or Service networked drives
  • Staff printing facilities
  • Software Center - for self service install of pre-approved software
  • and a range of as needed staff specific applications.

You may be issued with additional usernames and passwords by your faculty to access faculty developed resources. These credentials will be managed by the faculty and you will need to contact your local IT support team for assistance in these cases.

How do I change my password?

  • You can change your UWE password using UWE Password Manager. Consult the guidance on changing your password. Once set up this will also allow you reset forgotten passwords.
  • UWE Password Manager will change your password on most UWE systems (accept for faculty specific passwords).
  • If you use Windows 10 information about changing your password from the logon screen can be found in the section 'Changing your password in Windows 10'.

How can I protect my password?

We recommend you read the information on protecting your passwords.

Additional accounts for FET students

Linux (CSCT & EDM departments only)

Your UWE username and password also gives you access to the FET Linux system.  For further information on using Linux within FET, see the Linux FAQs.

MySQL & Oracle (CSCT & EDM departments only)

These systems use Faculty- specific logins, which students need to register for.

MySQL - Click here for further information
Oracle - Click here to create an account

Subversion Server Account

These accounts are created for students on a particular module only. Please contact the FET IT Service Desk to request an account.


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