Study advice in relation to IT

These are a few tips, where IT at UWE Bristol can help with in your studies:-

IT Security

Saving your work

  • Save your work regularly and in a secure location.
  • If you are in a computer Lab, always use the Save As function or you will lose your work.
  • When working on an email attachment, make sure you save your work regularly using the Save As function and not the Save function, or you will lose your work.
  • Back up your work and your assignments. Check our tips via Saving your work.

Hand in your assignment (printing and online assessments)


  • Plan where and how you are going to print your assignment well in advance of handing time.
  • Ensure that your Pharos printing account is in credit.

Online Assessment

Computer Labs

  • Be mindful of others in Computer Labs.
  • Respect the IT premises at all times, even when working late at night. Please do not leave your rubbish behind! If you witness something untowards in a computer Lab, please contact the Security team.
  • Please sit at your desk in front of your computer with good posture.

Getting further help

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