Software on campus

Core software

All student PCs run Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2019, SPSS, Minitab, Write-n-cite, Mindview and Claro Suite as a minimum 'core' provision.

Specialist software

In addition, depending on where a PC is located, specialist software may be installed. You can search for specific software in open access areas across all campuses, as well as the Faculty of the Built Environment via Computer locations by software. For details of availability in Frenchay Library see below.

Using Adobe 2019 Software Suite as a UWE student

Adobe has introduced a new way of managing it's user licenses with the introduction of the 2019 versions. This means everyone needs to log in to an Adobe account to use their software.

When you start a session on a UWE Bristol computer and open an Adobe program you will be presented with a log in screen. You only need to enter your UWE Bristol email address and click Sign In. If you are using a PC, this will take you straight through to the program. If you are using a Mac, you will be re-directed to a second log in screen where you need to enter your UWE Bristol email address and password.

Some users may have their own Adobe account. If you use this, you may see differences in the software features available, compared to the UWE Bristol Adobe Enterprise account. We are only able to support you with the UWE Bristol Enterprise version.

Software available in Frenchay Library

Some areas of Frenchay Library and open access/learning zones have PCs with specific groups of specialist software installed. Faculties may also provide a range of specialist hardware and software to support their teaching and learning.

Please see links below for more information on software and locations.

Software groups are:

Software versions

View software versions for a complete list of software, including the version used for the current academic year.

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