How will the Web Apps work for You?

What are the other Web Apps

The Web apps are a selection of online applications designed to enhance and compliment the other services provided within Office 365

Yammer Newsfeed Planner Sway Forms

To access any of your Web based Apps, you just need to click the app launcher button and select the App you want to use

Where is my data stored?

The following Web Apps do not store data within the EU and so should not be used for sharing files or folders, especially anything with confidential, sensitive or covered by the data protection act:

  • Yammer
  • Sway
  • Forms

Newsfeed and Planner both store their data within the EU and so are covered by data protection regulations

Please visit the data management webpage for more information about data storage and privacy notices

Yammer and Newsfeed: What are they?

Yammer is a corporate social network that is only accessible by UWE Staff.

Within Yammer you can:

  • Set up and join groups
  • Quickly poll your colleagues about an idea or question
  • Connect with other staff who have shared interests

There are a number of possible uses within Yammer and it is a quick and easy way of engaging different staff members with a number of different topics without having even more emails going between large numbers of people

Newsfeed is a slimmed down version of Yammer and works within SharePoint, allowing you to follow other staff and any updates they post.

Note: please ensure you are not adding any personal or confidential information into Yammer as this information is not currently held within the EU

Planner: Managing your team or working group's tasks

Planner allows you to set up plans for any projects or activities that you and your team are working on. Planner is designed as a collaborative tool where allowing tasks to be assigned to colleagues.

When you create a new plan in planner it creates a group in Mail and as you assign tasks to colleagues they are attached to the group

As you assign tasks you can set deadlines, track progress and get an overview of how the project or activity is progressing.

Watch this short video to find out how to use Planner:

Sway: I am not sure how best to use it?

Sway is a web app that allows you to create micro websites on any subject that you like. Some of the uses that Microsoft have identified are:

  • Creating tutorials
  • Presentations
  • e-Newsletters

Sway's limitations are only as limited as your imagination, so producing resources and materials that you can share is a simple and high impact process.

For more ideas and tutorials to learn how to use Sway, watch the other videos in Microsoft's collection on YouTube

Note: please ensure you are not adding any personal or confidential information into Sway as this information is not currently held within the EU

Forms preview - I don't have access to Turning Point and I want to have feedback from students in a lecture

Forms preview is a great alternative to Turning Point, as you do not require all of the turning point equipment to get students to engage with a short quiz or provide feedback on something within a lecture or seminar

Within Forms preview you can create simple surveys or quizzes for people to complete and for those accessing your survey you can either provide a QR code or link to the survey or quiz

The ability to use QR codes means it is a great tool to be used through a lecture, you just need to add the QR code into your presentation and students can scan and access the quiz/survey from their seats using their mobile devices. As they respond you will get a live update to your questions and can even display the responses after all the responses are in by loading up the Forms preview web app in the lecture.

Note: please ensure you are not asking people to add personal information in the surveys as this information is not currently held within the EU
Note: Before sharing the form ensure you are selecting "Anyone with a link (sign in not required)" to ensure you are not capturing names and email addresses of those completing the form:

Forms Preview setting

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