UWE supports online learning and teaching with resources on the web. The University’s online learning system is called Blackboard. It can be accessed from almost any computer with web access and a supported web browser This web page is intended to answer basic questions about Blackboard.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). If you are advised that course materials are available on Blackboard, visit myUWE and follow the relevant Blackboard links.

In addition to the presentations and documents Blackboard also supports online coursework submission, Discussion Boards and Virtual Classroom facilities.. You will only have access to Blackboard courses that have been made available by tutors. You can see all courses that you are attached to in the ‘Blackboard Courses’ tab in myUWE.

How to find Blackboard

Follow the links to myUWE to log in to the University’s portal. Once logged in, you will be able to access Blackboard resources from the Courses tab and the Blackboard announcements area on the Home tab of myUWE.

If you cannot reach the myUWE home page the University may be experiencing technical difficulties so please try again later. Notices are usually posted on the University home page if there are problems with availability, and these may include advice on alternative arrangements for reaching Blackboard.

Who can use it?

All UWE students with an appropriate enrolment have access to Blackboard. However, you will only have access to learning and teaching materials your tutor has chosen to make available. In some instances, your tutor may not regard Blackboard as appropriate to a particular area of study.

If a course has not been made available by your tutor, it will be listed in the myUWE Blackboard Courses tab under the heading ‘Blackboard Courses not currently in use by the tutor’. For advice about whether or not your tutor will be using Blackboard for a course, please contact your tutor directly.

What will you find in it?

If you are participating in a module run or other activity that is supported in Blackboard, you will be able to access its course site. Within the course, you might find reading lists, lecture notes, assignments and other learning resources. This information may be in the form of web pages or files such as PowerPoint presentations. The exact content of any particular Blackboard course is controlled by the appropriate tutor or tutors.

Logging out of Blackboard

It is imperative you log out at the end of your session. Simply closing your browser will not be enough. If you do not log out when you have finished, the next user of the computer may be able

to access your account and possibly misuse it. To log out always click the logout button at the top of the page.

Further information

Further information and advice is available on the Blackboard Support website, which can be reached via the ‘Help’ button at the top of the page in Blackboard.

Don't forget

When using Blackboard, please don't forget to log out at the end of every sessions. Thank you.

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