Multi factor authentication

Multi factor authentication is an additional layer of security that adds phone verification to your password. Some UWE web services will require multi factor authentication.

Setting up multi factor authentication

The first time you visit a UWE web service that requires you to start using multi factor authentication you’ll be asked for more information. Click Next.

 MFA more information required

Choose how you will receive verifications. Options are:

  • Authentication phone – you can register a landline or a mobile. You will be able to sign in by answering an automated call and pressing # or be texted a 6 digit code which you type into your browser.
  • Mobile app (recommended option) – install Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile device. You will be able to sign in with a tap in the app.
  • Office phone – register your office phone. This option is not currently configured, you can use your office phone by choosing Authentication phone and entering the full number.

Receive verifications on a phone

To receive verifications on a phone, select Authentication phone. Select Country/region and enter a phone number, this can be a landline or a mobile. Choose whether to receive a call or a text message. Click Next.

 MFA contact by authentication phone

Receive verifications via mobile app (recommended option)

To receive verifications via a mobile app, select Mobile app and select how to use the app.

  • Receive notifications for verification will allow you to approve a sign-in with a tap on your mobile device. This option is recommended.
  • Use verification code will require you to type a 6 figure digit in your browser to sign in.

Click Set up to configure the app on your mobile device.

MFA configure mobile app

Install Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile device: Windows phone, Android, iOS.

Open Microsoft Authenticator and tap Add account, choose Work or school account.

If asked, allow the app to access the camera and to push notifications.

Use the app to scan the QR code, the app will connect and verify and take you to the next step. Follow the instructions to enter data manually or retry if the app fails to verify.

MFA mobile app setup

Once you have added your preferred verification option you will be prompted to add alternative options. It’s a good idea to add at least one phone that is different to your preferred option. For example if your preferred option is mobile app, add your work phone number so that you can sign in to your account when you do not have your mobile device to hand.

  • Tick Authentication phone, select region and enter a phone number (landline or mobile).
  • (Optional) tick Alternative authentication phone, select region and enter a phone number (landline or mobile).
  • The Office phone option is not currently configured so cannot be selected. You can add your work number as Authentication phone or Alternative authentication
  • (Optional) tick Authenticator app and then Configure and follow the instructions.

Click Save.

See screenshot: adding additional security information

MFA additional security verification

You’ll end at a profile page, you will now be able to log in to UWE web services that require multi factor authentication.

Using multi factor authentication

When you visit a UWE web service that requires verification you will receive a notification to your preferred mobile device / phone number. Respond to the request you receive.

If your preferred option is:

  • the Authenticator app with notifications then you can tap approve in the app.
  • the Authenticator app with verification codes then enter the 6 digit number displayed in the app in your web browser.
  • a phone number with call, answer the call and press # when prompted.
  • a mobile number with text, enter the code you receive in your browser.

See screenshot: notifications and how to respond


MFA approving requests

If you are having trouble signing in with your preferred method choose Sign in another way and choose an alternative way to verify.

See screenshot: sign in another way

MFA sign in another way

You can update phones/devices used for authentication here

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