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Proposition: Research supports the simple notion that the more students are involved in their educational experience, the better they do.

What's UWE Bristol doing?: We're introducing a new system, MyEngagement, that will help you visualise how involved you are with your course and compare yourself to your peers. The UWE Bristol Learner Analytics video has been created to give you an overview of how the system will be used to support you.

Why is UWE Bristol introducing MyEngagement?

UWE Bristol are aiming to provide a support system to students that is proactive rather than reactive, to offer help rather than waiting for students to ask for it.

What do you track?

The MyEngagement system will record when you do any of the following:

  • Logging on to Blackboard
  • Viewing course content on Blackboard
  • Handing in a piece of coursework
  • Submitting coursework on Blackboard
  • Taking out books from the library
  • Viewing library e-resources and journals
  • Viewing the online reading list
  • Printing, scanning or photocopying documents
  • Logging in to a UWE Bristol computer.

How does it work?

Throughout the academic year, the data will be analysed using a web application called MyEngagement. All the data from all the students on a course will be aggregated into a 'typical' engagement level. Your data will then be compared to this 'typical' engagement level. The more you use the systems (detailed under 'What do you track') the higher your engagement score.

If you don't use the systems very often you may fall in to the lower engagement categories. If this is the case for you the system will send you an email outlining how UWE Bristol can help support you and where to find support services. It might be that a member of staff will contact you to make sure you're ok and if you have any questions or concerns. The only reason you will be called is to see how we can help - sometimes it's nice to not have to start the conversation yourself. If you do want some support the Student Support Advisers will be able to advise, book you an appointment or even refer you to another service if necessary.

How will this help me?

By being able to view a picture of your engagement with UWE Bristol resources we can take a proactive step to support you. One of the first signs that a student may require support is a drop in their engagement with their course. This is not about checking up on you and nobody will ever be disciplined for low engagement. Different people engage in different ways. This is just so we can support our students and no students will ever be disciplined for low engagement.

We know that the earlier we are able to support students, the more successful they can be.

What requirements are there on me?

You don't need to do anything. The data will be collected throughout the year and if you are interested in seeing what your own data looks like you can log on to the dashboard at any time. You will be sent a link to the dashboard ahead of the pilot start date.

How will I be contacted?

You may receive an email from the MyEngagement system if your engagement has been in the none, low or very low categories for ten days. This email will provide information on how to access some of the support UWE Bristol has available to you. The advice and support provided will vary according to your needs. There are a range of support services available to you whether you are concerned about your wellbeing or your academic study.

If, after 20 days, your engagement shows that you have no, or very low engagement, a member of one of the Services, overseen by Student Support Advisors (hyperlink to the SSA webpage) will aim to make contact with you, just to check in and see if there is anything we can help you with.

A member of staff will phone you to discuss how your time with us is going and whether or not you require any support. If the staff member cannot make contact over the phone we will try alternative methods which may include; a letter to your term and/or home address, asking the Programme Team to let us know if they have spoken with you recently, asking the Out of Hours team to make contact, or a text asking you to get in touch.

If we fail to get in touch with you over a number of weeks we may come to the conclusion that you have decided to no longer engage in your academic studies at UWE Bristol. In this instance we may write to you to inform you that under our academic regulations (add link) we have decided to withdraw you to protect you from building up any further fee liability. Should this be the course of action you will be provided time to get in touch with us before the decision is actioned so that we can continue to work with you to make your time with us is a success.

Postgrad and CPD student's won’t be contacted by Student Support Advisers regarding their engagement levels

When I go to log on to MyEngagement I am being asked to register for Multi-factor authentication - what does this mean?

When you first log on to the system you will be required to register with multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is an additional layer of security that adds phone verification to your password and you will need to register in order to access MyEngagement.

Further information on MFA is included in the 'User Access' section of the Learner Analytics Guide.

Is there an attendance recording aspect to this?

No, though we are hoping to add this in the future.

I'm an adult, why are you checking up on me?

The MyEngagement system isn't about checking up on you. We understand that people may sometimes find it difficult to ask for help when they need it and even if they are able to do so, they might not know where to go or what help is available to them. By having an eye on your engagement, we can reach out to you if necessary and offer support in a confidential and timely manner.

If you would like support then we will do our best to help and we won't enter anything on to the system without your consent. The system is only here to benefit you by allowing us to offer support at an earlier stage.

No students will be penalised for having a low engagement level.

What's the SU's position on this?

The Students' Union at UWE Bristol has been a part of the project since the beginning. Student wellbeing is a primary concern for the SU and they have been consulting with us to ensure that this remains a priority for the project.

Did you consult with students about this?

The Students' Union at UWE Bristol President and the Vice President for Education are elected by the student body every year and represent the students' point of view at Project meetings and have done so since the beginning.

How do I see my data?

You will be able to see your data by logging on to the dashboard with your UWE Bristol username and password. You will be sent the link ahead of the system launch.

Why does my profile say year 9?

If your profile is showing your year as level 9 this indicates to UWE Bristol staff that you are currently on placement. We need to know when you are on placement as it is likely that your use of the academic resources will be different and we want to make sure that you this is taken in to account. Once you return from your placement you should find that the correct level will then display on your MyEngagement profile.

How will you use my data in the future (eg as benchmarking) and how long will it be retained?

The information provided will only be used for the purpose of viewing a student's engagement with the University unless you are informed otherwise.

Who will my data be shared with?

Key members of staff within Professional Services will be able to see the data so that they are able to step in and provide advice and support if needed. Programme Leaders, Module Leaders and Academic Personal Tutors will also be able to see the data for the same reason but they will be able to see their students only.

You will also have access to your data but not that of other students.

Can I opt out?

The data that we are using is information the university is already collecting but should you not wish your data to be used in this way you do have the right to opt-out.

In regards to your personal data held by UWE Bristol, you have the right to:

  • access it
  • receive it in a structured machine readable format (data portability)
  • rectify it if it is not accurate or complete
  • erase it
  • restrict its processing
  • withdraw any consent provided or otherwise object to its processing
  • complain to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

To find out more or to exercise any of these rights please contact the Student Support Advisers by making an appointment at any UWE Bristol InfoPoint.

You should also read the Learner Analytics Privacy Notice and UWE Bristol Student Data Privacy Notice.

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