UWE eXternal Access System (XA)

This page is for the student XA system. See the table below for the correct way to access XA if you are a member of staff.


Access for Link Further info
Students https://xa.uwe.ac.uk Below
Staff with a PC https://xa.uwe.ac.uk/staffmfa Working from home using eXternal Access
Staff with a Mac https://xa.uwe.ac.uk/mac Working from home using eXternal Access

The Student UWE Bristol eXternal Access (XA) service allows students to gain access to their personal H: Drive and shared S: Drive.

How do I access the Student XA service?

1. Go to https://xa.uwe.ac.uk

2. Pass MFA (using the same method as when you log in to UWE email externally)

2. Enter your normal student UWE Bristol username and password:

XA screenshot

Files (download and upload)

The following files bookmarks will be displayed for students:

Downloading files

1. Click on the Drive to see the files and folders. In this example we are using the H: Drive:

XA, XA How-tos Drives examples

2. Find the file you wish to download to your computer’s C: Drive to work on and click on the file name. You will be asked if you would like to save your file, click Save.

3. Once the file has saved it will tell you the download has completed and give you the option to Open folder or View Downloads folder. The file will be within your Downloads folder so click on View Downloads and then you can access the file and save it on your machine:

XA How-tos View Downloads

If you want to upload multiple files, you can select several files from the H: Drive screen and then zip them up for ease of downloading.

4. Add a tick against the file name you wish to download, then click Download:

XA How-tos Files to download

5. Now you have the opportunity to zip your files and download the compressed zip folder:

 XA How-tos Zip files for download

More information on how to zip files can be found via Zip file guidance.

Uploading files

1. When you want to Upload the file back to your H: Drive you will need to click on the Upload Files button:

XA How-tos Upload files

Here you can browse to your files:

XA How-tos Browse files

2. Browse and find your file (using the Browse button) and click the Open button to add I to the list of files to upload:

XA How-tos Open to upload

3. Once you have selected all the files you want to upload, click the Upload button at the bottom of the screen. This then uploads the files:

XA How-tos Files uploaded to your H: Drive

4. Your files will now be placed in your H: Drive.

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