eduroam Frequently Asked Questions

What is eduroam?

The eduroam (education roaming) service provides wireless Internet access for UWE Bristol students, staff and visitors from participating institutions.
UWE Bristol students and staff visiting other universities can also access the Internet via that institution's eduroam service.
Note: UWE Bristol users should ensure their eduroam setup is working correctly at UWE Bristol before going to other eduroam institutions.

How do I configure my computer or mobile device to use eduroam?

This will depend on the operating system installed on your computer or mobile device.  How to configure your computer or device for eduroam

Where is eduroam available at UWE Bristol?

eduroam is available in all Libraries, refectories, social spaces and teaching rooms.

Which username should I use?

If you are visiting UWE Bristol, you should use the username you use at your home institution followed by the "@" symbol, then your home institution's domain (eg Your password will be the one you normally use with this username.

If you are a UWE Bristol student or member of staff visiting another institution, you should use your UWE Bristol username followed by (eg and your normal network password.

Please note: do not use your email address.

What is an SSID?

SSID stands for Service Set IDentifier.

This is just another way of saying wireless network.

Which SSID should I connect to?

You should connect to eduroam.

What is my domain?

If you are visiting UWE Bristol, you should use your organisation's domain (eg Oxford University's domain is

If you are a UWE Bristol student or staff member visiting another institution, your domain is

What security encryption should I use?

Your computer or mobile device should accept the WPA2-Enterprise protocol.

The EAP type is PEAP and the sub-authentication type is PEAP-MSCHAPv2.

What are the participating institutions of eduroam?

A list of participating institutions is available via eduroam.

What are the most common mistakes when trying to use eduroam?

  • Not entering your domain (eg after your username.
  • You've entered your email address instead of your username and domain (eg instead of

Who is the provider of eduroam?

Janet is the UK provider of eduroam.

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