Eduroam set up for visitors to UWE Bristol

Visitors to UWE Bristol with an eduroam account need to follow the instructions below.

If you do not have an eduroam account see Wireless for visitors.


  1. Before visiting UWE Bristol, set up your device to connect to eduroam at your own institution.
  2. If you have set proxy settings for your home institution, remove these before trying to connect at UWE Bristol.
  3. When at UWE Bristol, connect your device to eduroam.
  4. Set 'Security Type' to WPA2-Enterprise.
  5. Login using:
    • Username: your usual username followed by the '@' symbol and your home institutions domain eg. ''.
    • Password: your password.
  6. When you return to your institution, please remember to re-set your network proxy settings to connect back to your institution's eduroam (if necessary).

Getting Help

  1. Contact your institution's IT support service.
  2. If the problem persists, please check your network proxy settings.
  3. Contact the UWE Bristol IT Service Desk.

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