Wi-fi at UWE Bristol (eduroam)

Connect your devices to the wireless network

You can use your username and password to connect to the wireless network at UWE Bristol. This network is called Eduroam.

Which Wi-fi network to use?

Who are you? Use this network Where is it available?
UWE Bristol Student eduroam Throughout UWE
UWE Bristol Student in residence Glide UWE Student accommodation
Staff with a Standard UWE ITS supplied laptop or tablet UWE-Authorised Throughout UWE
Staff with a personal or non-standard UWE ITS supplied device, e.g. laptop, phone eduroam Throughout UWE
Visitor from eduroam participating institutions eduroam Throughout UWE
Visitor, e.g. conference delegate _The Cloud Public locations in UWE, e.g. libraries, coffee shops, ECC, Students Union

Setting up your device to use at UWE

  1. Configure your device
  2. Login to eduroam using:
    your UWE username followed by '@uwe.ac.uk' eg. f-bloggs@uwe.ac.uk
  3.           Password: your UWE password

Setting up your device to visit other institutions

  1. Ensure your device is correctly set up to work in UWE as per instructions above.
  2. Before visiting other participating institutions, check their website to see if you need to amend any settings (e.g. network proxy settings).
  3. You are now ready to visit other institutions.

If you do not have a UWE account but do have an eduroam account see Eduroam for visitors to UWE.

If you do not have an eduroam account see Wireless for visitors.

The eduroam network is available in many places beyond UWE, Bristol. Click here to see where.

Getting Help

Acceptable Use Policies

By connecting to eduroam at another institution, you agree to abide by:

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