Minimum PC specification for students

Whilst UWE Bristol does offer access to computers through the University computing labs, a student may find it more convenient to have their own computer to work from home or to bring a laptop to the University and connect via the wireless network (eduroam).

UWE Bristol provide students with some recommendations for purchasing a computer. However, these are only recommendations and are at the discretion of the student and their parents.

Check list prior to acquiring a computer

  1. If you already own a computer or intend to buy a secondhand computer, any computer less than 3 years old will suffice. If you are buying a brand new computer (desktop or laptop), any current specification should be sufficient. (1), (2) and (5)
  2. Check with your faculty, department or course tutor whether your use of IT will require you to have a higher specification than the computer you are thinking of buying (even if the computer is less than 3 years old). Computer requirements from one department to another may vary considerably (3) and (6). The faculties and its departments are:
  3. Check the hardware and software requirements needed to use Blackboard.
  4. If you are in halls of residence, please ensure that your computer is equipped with a network card to connect with StudentCom. Please refer to What do I need to connect to the Residential Network? (4)
  5. Please ensure that your computer has an up-to-date Anti virus software installed and running at all times. You may want to take advantage of the Student offers from IT equipment providers and Microsoft.

Please note: some software is not Mac compatible and UWE Bristol is unable to support dual booting a Mac. Please check with your faculty or course tutor if you have any queries on this.

Other Notes

(1) UWE Bristol network provides the following primary IT services: myUWE portal, UWE email, the Internet, Blackboard. Any other software will be faculty-specific. You may want to contact your faculty, as modules and their requirements may require higher specifications.

(2) UWE Bristol predominantly uses Microsoft Office. It may therefore be preferable to install the Microsoft Office Suite. This is made available to students as part of the Microsoft Office 365 agreement.

(3) Any processor manufacturers can be used such as Intel, AMD etc.

(4) Your faculty may request that you have a specific graphic card or a sound card or both installed on your PC. This will depend on your course and the modules chosen.

(5) A network card is essential to connect to the UWE network through the residential network (StudentCom).

(6) Lower specification PCs may function correctly but with reduced performance/functionality. 

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