XA Troubleshooting

What can I do if I can't access all or any part the XA service?

Try these first


Do not use an old bookmarked link from your 'Favourites' as it may be pointing to a cached or obsolete page. Always navigate to the Login to UWE page from the UWE home page and select "UWE external access" or by typing https://xa.uwe.ac.uk in the browser address bar.

Unable to run the Staff Desktop?

If the Staff Desktop does not launch after clicking on the link, check the points below to see whether any of them apply to you.

  1. Your browser is asking for permission to download or run the plugin.  This is a window that can pop up anywhere on the screen but is usually at the top under the address bar.
  2. The security system on your PC is asking whether you will allow the Pulse setup client to run.  This usually shows up on the bar at the bottom of the browser.
  3. Your browser is set to block popups from all sites. You need to allow pop-ups from uwe.ac.uk.  In Internet Explorer 11, this is done from Internet Options:
    • click the cog icon in the top right of Internet Explorer
    • click internet options
    • click the Privacy tab
    • click the Settings button next to the check box Turn on pop-up blocker.
    • type *uwe.ac.uk and click add
    • click close, then apply and close
    • close and re-open Internet Explorer and reconnect to XA

Problems with plugins

It is possible that some of the necessary browser plugins are broken or corrupted. If so, you could try the following:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel and uninstall any listed programs that contains the words ‘Pulse Secure’, ‘Citrix’ or ‘Juniper’ so that all the plugins are removed. To access your control panel go to:
    • Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a Program Programs and Features (Windows 7)
    • Start -> Settings -> System -> Apps and features (Windows 10)
  2. Once all removed, download the UWE Citrix Plugin from:
  3. Connect to XA again and click on the Staff Desktop link. This will download the correct versions of the plugins.

Known problems

Mac with Safari browser

Mac users should use Safari for XA. Please contact the IT Service Desk 0117 328 3612 or email itonline@uwe.ac.uk so that we can send you a guide to setting up your Mac.

Still having problems?

We suggest that you try another machine where possible and failing that try a different browser. If you’re still having issues, please contact the IT Service Desk  on 0117 328 3612 or email itonline@uwe.ac.uk .

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