XA How-tos

This page will guide you through the basic use of XA.

Internal-only Websites

All staff and students have the ability to browse websites that are only available when on Campus and create bookmarks to frequently visited pages. On the XA homepage, Students will see the 'system' bookmark:

And staff will see these:

To add a personal bookmark, do the following:

Enter the URL in the XA browse box and click on the 'browse' button

The webpage should be displayed. Click on the Add Bookmark icon.

Give the bookmark a name or accept the system-generated one and add a meaningful description if desired.

Click on 'Add bookmark'. The bookmark will then be displayed on your XA home screen.


The following files bookmarks will be displayed for students:

And these will be displayed for staff:

Click on the drive to see the files and folders – in this example we are using the H: drive:

Find the file you wish to download to your computer’s C drive to work on and then simply click on the file name. You will be asked if you would like to save your file, so click ‘save’.

Once the file has saved it will tell you the download has completed and give you the option to ‘Open the folder / View the Downloads folder’ The file will be within your Downloads folder so click on 'View Downloads' and then you can access the file and save it on your machine.

When you have finished editing your file, please follow the instructions towards the end of this document about how to 'Upload'.

If you want to upload many files, you can select several files from the H drive screen and then zip them up for ease of downloading.

Add a tick into the file name you wish to download and then click ‘Download’:

This will then offer you the opportunity to zip them up and download the zip.

When you want to ‘Upload’ the file back to your H drive you will need to click on the 'Upload Files' button.

Here you can browse to your files:

Browse and find your file (using the Browse Button) and then click the ‘Open’ button to add I to the list of files to upload.

This then uploads the file:

This then places the file in the root of the H drive for you.

Staff Desktop

Staff can log in to a remote desktop. This gives access to Microsoft Office programs, Outlook, H: and shared drives. Note that it does not give access to business applications such as ISIS. If you need access to these applications, you will need a keyfob (FVPN).

The staff desktop appears as a bookmark on you XA home page.

If you select the Staff Desktop bookmark, you will see a message briefly asking you to 'Please wait' whilst the Desktop loads

You may get a ‘File Security – Citrix online plug-in’ message box explaining that an online application is attempting to access files on your computer. This is fine, please click on 'Permit all access' and you will then be able to use the Desktop as expected.

Once finished, please log off by clicking on the 'Start' button in the bottom left hand corner.

When logged out of the Staff Desktop, please log out of XA by clicking on the 'Sign Out' door symbol in the top right hand corner of the XA window.

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