How will the Outlook Web Apps work for you?

What are the Outlook Web Apps?

The Outlook Web Apps are a collection of internet based tools that allow you to manage your communications with and between your colleagues.

The Outlook Web Apps consist of the following tools:

Mail Calendar People Tasks

To access any of your Web based Apps, you just need to click the app launcher button and select the App you want to use

Where is my data stored?

All the information held within the Outlook Web Apps is stored within the EU and so are covered by data protection regulations

Please visit the data management webpage for more information about data storage and privacy notices

I need regular access to my email archives and personal folders.

With Office 365 you now have access to an online archive that is accessible wherever you are via the Mail App and the Outlook Mobile apps

Your online archive displays as: ‘Online Archive – [your email address]’

In order to make use of this feature you just need to follow the instructions in the ‘Migrate your email archive online’ task on the staff intranet

I need to know when my colleagues are free and I cannot get into the office and access Microsoft Outlook.

Finding out when your colleagues are free is now a simple task in the Calendar, even if the calendar has not been shared with you, as you will be able to see basic free/busy time.

If you have already added your colleague, you just need to select them from the list running down the left-hand side of your calendar and you will see your colleagues calendar overlay onto your calendar, allowing you to easily see when you are all free.

If you do not have your colleague added you just need to click on ‘add calendar’, then select ‘From directory’ and then search and add each colleague before you will see them in your menu on the left.

You can format your calendar view to however it is easiest for you to see the information:

  • Day – see more detailed information on when appointments/meetings have been scheduled
    • While in day view you can click on split or merge to either see the calendars side by side or overlaid
  • Work week – just see Monday to Friday activities overlaid
  • Week – see the full 7-day week with activities overlaid with any selected calendar
  • Month - see the full calendar month with activities overlaid with any selected calendar



I need to set up a meeting with colleagues and I am working away from my UWE PC/Laptop

You can now create meetings through the Calendar app with as much details as you would when using Microsoft Outlook.

For step-by-step guidance you can visit the Meeting request guide on the intranet

I set up a number of tasks to complete while working from home and I cannot find them.

Within the Outlook Web Apps, you can access your Tasks lists that you have created in Outlook on your PC/Laptop while in the office and add new, edit or delete tasks as you see fit.

Links to Outlook Web App related tasks and guides on the staff intranet:

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