How will Office online work for You?

What are the Office Online apps?

Office Online consists of a selection of the Microsoft Office 2016 desktop apps that have been made available to use through your browser, meaning you can work on virtually any PC, Laptop, Mac or other device without having to download and install the Microsoft Office 2016. The core apps within Office Online are:

Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote

To access any of your Web based Apps, you just need to click the app launcher button and select the App you want to use

Where is my data stored?

All the information held within the OneDrive is stored within the EU and so are covered by data protection regulations

Please visit the data management webpage for more information about data storage and privacy notices

I need to work on a document, however the laptop I am using doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed on it. Is there a way I can do this?

Yes, it is possible to work on any Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote document using Office Online.

However, if you would like Microsoft Office on your PC, please visit: How will Microsoft Office 2016 work for you

On a daily basis I work within the Office desktop applications and I am comfortable with its interface and features. Is Office Online any different?

The Online versions feel like the desktop programme, with high performance and a real user interface. Office Online has adopted Microsoft's ribbon, so when you open a document in Word Online, it feels like you're using Word.

Please be aware that Office Online have fewer features built in. For example, you wouldn’t be able to do a mail merge or run macros in Word Online.

Do I need an internet connection to access Office Online?

You will need an internet connection to work in Office Online as it is accessible via a web browser and saves documents to your OneDrive for Business. Free Wi-fi is common place wherever you are, so you should not have problems with accessing Office Online

You also need not panic if you lose your internet connection when working in Office Online, as changes are automatically saved as you work

If you want to edit documents offline, you’ll need the desktop version of Office.

I have an Apple Mac, can I still access Office Online?

Yes, all you need is a web browser to access Office Online.

Supported web browsers include Firefox, Google Chrome, as well as Safari for OS X 10.6 or later.

My colleague has shared an Excel document with me via OneDrive for Business. However, the PC I am using doesn’t have Excel installed. Is it still possible to collaborate on this document?

Yes, you can do so via Excel Online. When you open the document in your web browser, Excel Online will allow you to make changes, save and share the document back to your colleague.

In Office Online, you can work together at the same time and see each other’s changes immediately. See the Collaborate with Office 365 webpages

How do I access Office Online?

You can access the Office Online apps online via Scroll down and select the applicable application underneath ‘Get started working online for free’. You are then required to ‘Sign in with a work or school account’ and enter your UWE email address and password.

Alternatively, if your colleagues are sending you documents via an email, you’ll be able to access them directly, though you may be asked to sign in with a ‘Work or school account’ with your UWE email address and password. You’ll also be able to access them via your OneDrive for Business account.

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