How will Microsoft Office 2016 work for You?

What are the Microsoft Office 2016 Desktop Apps?

Microsoft 2016 is the latest version of the Microsoft Office, which includes all of your normal desktop applications. With some new enhanced features.

The Microsoft Office 2016 applications are:

Outlook Word Excel PowerPoint Access OneNote Publisher Project Visio Sway

Where is my data stored?

OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

All the information held within the OneDrive is stored within the EU and so are covered by data protection regulations.

Networked drives: H, S, T or other

All information stored on the networked drives are stored within UWE's own data centres

Local hard drive: C or D

All information is stored on the physical device; we would advise against using the local hard drives, as these are not backed up by UWE IT Services and any information lost cannot be recovered.

Please visit the data management webpage for more information about data storage and privacy notices

I cannot find the function I want to use / I need to use ‘help’.

As with each new version of Microsoft Office, the location of some functions may have changed. With this in mind, an improved help assistant has been created:

Located on the main ribbon next to the 'view' tab, you have the 'tell me what you need' box. You simply type in what you want to do and Office 2016 will provide you access to what you require allowing you to complete the task or find the information:

I need to know where I am saving my work.

Microsoft Office 2016 now easily connects with your OneDrive for Business, MySite, SharePoint sites and your networked and local hard drives.

Because of this sometimes knowing where you are saving can be a challenge when selecting 'Save As'.

You now have a selection of different options:

Your options explained:

  • ‘OneDrive – UWE Bristol’ – this is your OneDrive for Business account, you can save straight to the cloud and not have to save your work locally or on your networked drives.
  • ‘OneDrive – Personal’ – if you have a personal OneDrive account, you will be able to save straight into this location. Please note you should not save any UWE work into your personal OneDrive account.
  • 'Sites – UWE Bristol (Staff)' – this is your MySite document store
  • 'SharePoint' – this links to any SharePoint sites you have previously saved files to, allowing you to save your work on the appropriate SharePoint site
  • 'This PC' - you will be able to select from a recently used folder on the C, D, H or S drives or click desktop to open a window to find where you want to save.
  • 'Browse' - brings up a window for you to be able to select exactly where you want to save

Similar options will show if you have installed Microsoft office 2016 onto your home PC/Laptop and if you have opened a file from SharePoint or OneDrive for Business you should only save it back to where you have opened the file.

I would like to share my work with a colleague

Sharing in Microsoft Office 2016 has been enhanced and you can now share in multiple ways.

You can continue to send documents as an attachment as you traditionally would; however, you can also now share via your OneDrive for Business account and collaborate on the document at the same time, or just give them permission to view the file and not make changes.

To share a document via OneDrive for Business and collaborate with colleagues:

  1. Select the 'Share' tab in the top right hand corner.
  2. Select 'Save to Cloud'.
  3. Select 'OneDrive - UWE Bristol (Staff)'. Select an appropriate folder to save in your OneDrive for Business.
  4. Type a file name then click 'Save'.
  5. In the 'Invite people' option, type the relevant person’s email address.
  6. Select the correct access you want to provide, and add an optional message if appropriate.
  7. Select 'Share'.
  8. This will send an email to the user, with a link to the file. They click the link and it will open the file.

For more information about collaborating on a document with colleagues please visit the Collaboration using Office 365 page.

I need to install Microsoft Office on my Home PC/Laptop/Mac

As a UWE staff member you can download MS Office free of charge through your UWE email account.

Follow these steps to access MS Office (you can install on up to 5 devices/pc/laptop), these instructions will help you install onto a PC, Laptop or Mac:

  1. Sign into your UWE Email account online
  2. Click the cog icon in the top right and select 'Office 365 Settings' at the bottom of the menu
  3. Click 'Software'
  4. Office 365 will automatically detect what operating system you are using and the Office package that is compatible; you just need to click 'Install'
  5. Follow any setup instructions
  6. You will be asked to activate the product and when you do this enter your UWE Email address, then select organisational account, and enter your password.

If you want to add the Office Apps onto your mobile device please go to the How will the Mobile Apps work for you? page.

Please note: you will only be able to use this download while you are a current staff member at UWE; if you leave, you will be required to purchase a private license

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