How will the Mobile Apps work for You?

What are the Mobile Apps?

The core Microsoft Office Apps are available to install on your mobile devices, this includes both mobile phones and tablets.

OneDrive Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote

You can access the Mobile Apps through the following app stores:

Windows Store Apple Store Google Play

Where is my data stored?

All your data is stored within your OneDrive for Business account, held within the EU, unless you choose to make an item available offline (see below).

Please visit the data management webpage for more information about data storage and privacy notices

How do I access the mobile Apps?

Accessing the mobile apps is a quick and easy task. Connect to a Wi-Fi source (the apps are large and will probably not download over 3G/4G), then you simply access the app store for your device and search for the app you want

All of the Mobile apps are free for you to download

Please note: to activate the apps you just need to open one of the apps and sign in with your UWE Email address and password

I am working on a device that does not have a data connection, or I do not have access to Wi-Fi to download files

With the mobile apps you are able to access the file(s) and save them offline so you can work on them while you do not have a data connection.

To save a file offline, you should press and hold the file you want, until a tick appears to the left, then tap the parachute icon. When you have a data connection you should then repeat the process to move it back to online and remove the file from your device

My device has been lost or stolen, what should I do?

If you lose your mobile device or it is stolen you should immediately wipe the Mobile Apps and their content from the device

To do this you need to sign into your UWE Email account and then perform a remote wipe:

  • Click the cog icon in the top right next to your picture
  • Select Office 365 settings;
  • Select 'Mail' from the menu;
  • Then under 'General' select 'Mobile devices';
  • Highlight the device, in the table, and click the wipe all data icon (mobile with an eraser) to delete the apps and their content.

If you are unable to do this yourself you should contact the IT Service Desk as soon as possible by calling +44 (0)117 32 83612, where IT Services will perform this task at your request.

IT Services will never remotely make changes to or wipe your device without your permission.

I need to share a file with a colleague

If you do not have access to a laptop or PC, you can still share files with your colleagues

Sharing files on mobile apps gives you the same options as if you were working on your PC/Laptop: send the file as an attachment in an email; or share the file within OneDrive and allow them to either view or edit the document

To share a file as an attachment in an email:

  • Press and hold on the file you want to share in the OneDrive mobile App
  • Tap the "Extensions" menu icon
  • Tap "as attachment" or "send as attachment"
  • Create and send the email with the file attached

To share the file within OneDrive for Business:

  • Press and hold on the file you want to share in the OneDrive mobile App
  • Tap the icon
  • tap details
  • next to shared with tap the '+'
  • enter the email address of the person you want to share with
  • Tap on the 'Allow Editing' button to either turn on or off editing
  • Tap 'Add' to share

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