Collaboration with Office 365

Collaboration with colleagues used to be a laborious task that involved either having to be in the same place at the same time or waiting for the exchange of files via email, or even post.

With the move to Office 365, collaboration has been brought into the 21st century.

You no longer have to wait for those 15 minutes where you and your colleagues are in the same place, or even the same country to work on something together. You no longer have to exchange documents via email or post to get that journal article, policy or project moving forward.

This page will take you through some of the ways in which you are now able to collaborate with your colleagues at UWE and with those outside of the institution (that have a Microsoft or office 365 account).


Meet without meeting...

Using Skype for Business your meetings no longer need to be tied to one location. Making work, work for you. The ability to meet colleagues without having to miss that conference or have to arrange additional childcare for the days you work from home provides you the flexibility you need.

Whatever your reason, you no longer have to be at the office to meet with your colleagues.

Creating a Skype meeting is pretty easy:
  • Schedule - create a meeting using Outlook or Outlook Web App and add Skype Meeting to the appointment.
  • Connect - launch the Skype meeting right from your calendar appointment from virtually anywhere.
  • Meet - just by phone, or with video
  • Share - while you meet you can share documents, videos, web pages and use a collaborative whiteboard or take notes either for yourself or everyone in the meeting.

For a full guide taking you through how to do this check out the Skype Meetings guide on the Staff Intranet.

Document writing/editing (co-authoring)

Working on the same document has been revolutionised with the advent of co-authoring. Regardless of where you are, as long as you and your colleagues have access to the internet and Office 365, you can collaborate together when writing a document, presentation or spread sheet.

  • Share - using OneDrive for Business the file with the colleague(s) you are working with
  • Schedule - create time where you can all access the file, regardless of where you may be.
  • Connect - Sign into your OneDrive for Business account and open the document, why not start a Skype for Business conference call so you can talk to each other while you work
  • Work - with you and your colleagues all working in either Office Online or Microsoft Office 2016 you will be able to see the changes that your colleagues are making as you work
  • Done! - No more waiting on the exchange of emails or post, time saved, instant updates from your colleagues and control when you work rather than work control you. 


Using Yammer you can connect with your UWE colleagues through creating project or work groups or connecting with Staff Networks, through yammer cut back on the massive email exchange and just post an update to your group feeds.

Mail's groups feature allows you to set up work groups and ties in with Planner where your groups have plans and you can manage the group's tasks and goals.

  • Initiate - set up your Yammer profile
  • Connect - set up or join groups in Yammer and Mail
  • Invite - get your colleagues working on the same project in one place
  • Share - using groups in Mail share those documents; using Yammer get instant feedback and post an update to the project; spread the load in Planner by seeing who has completed their tasks and who needs help.

Please note, with Yammer you should not share documents as this information is not hosted within the EU.

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