Office 365 FAQs

1. Where can I obtain further information on Office 365 for Education?

For more details please have a look here: UWE New Office 365 Facilities.

2. On how many computers or devices can I install Microsoft Office?

You can install Office on up to a total of 5 devices. If you reach your limit you can deactivate an installed copy by visiting the same page from where you first installed Office and deactivate one of the listed copies that you have installed.

3. Where is my license key for Office?

The copy of Office we provide does not require a license key. It activates itself via your Office 365 account which is where the actual license to use Office is stored. This is why you will be required to enter your Office 365 login information when you first install the application.

4. Is there any video-based training for Office 2013 that I can look at?

Yes there are lots of training materials available. UWE’s Library provides access to a fantastic video training resource called Lynda, and Microsoft also have some concise tutorials.

5. Can I use Office on my iPad/Android device to edit documents in the OneDrive provided by UWE?

Yes. Simply install the Microsoft Office applications from your device’s app store. Then when you run the app for the first time provide it with your Office 365 login information and it will activate for your use and you will have access to your Office 365 OneDrive storage.

6. Can I use Office on my Android Tablet?

According to the Microsoft website:

'Office for Android™ can be installed on tablets and phones that meet the following criteria: running any of the last 4 major versions of Android and have an ARM-based or Intel x86 processor. Support for KitKat devices will continue until June 2019.'

For more information check here:

7. I use an Apple Mac, can I get Office too?

Yes. The method to get a copy of Office for an Apple Mac is the same as the one required to download it for Windows. The web pages should detect you are running on a Mac and provide the correct software for you automatically.

8. I need to install Microsoft Office on my PC/Laptop/Mac

As a UWE student you can download MS Office free of charge through your UWE email account.

Note: If you have Windows 10 in S Mode we recommend you install any Office apps individually from the Microsoft Store and sign in using your UWE credentials. We also advise you to check Microsoft’s official information regarding the limitations of Windows 10 in S Mode by searching “about windows 10 in S Mode FAQ” via Microsoft or Google for more information.

Follow these steps to access MS Office (you can install on up to 5 devices/pc/laptop), these instructions will help you install onto a PC, Laptop or Mac:

  1. Sign into your UWE Email account online
  2. Click the cog icon in the top right and select 'Office 365 Settings' at the bottom of the menu
  3. click
  4. Office 365 will automatically detect what operating system you are using and you just need to click 'Install'
  5. Follow any setup instructions
  6. You will be asked to activate the product and when you do this enter your UWE Email address, then select organisational account, and enter your UWE Username (if prompted) and UWE password.
Please note: you will only be able to use this download while you are a current student at UWE. Once you have completed your course you will be placed on a 3 month trial version.  You will have to arrange your own purchase of Office or remove your data before the end of the trail period to avoid losing it.

9. What is my Office 365 username?

In Office 365 you should use your UWE email address as your username. This is frequently referred to as your sign-in address. On all devices where you install Office always provide your email address when asked to sign-in. However, when you login to your email through UWE’s single sign-on system (e.g. through you can use either your UWE Network username (e.g. j2-bloggs) or your email address ( as both will work.

10. What happens to my UWE OneDrive data when I leave UWE?

When you leave UWE your entire OneDrive, and licenses of Office, will expire shortly after your results are awarded. At this point you are officially no longer a student at the University and we are legally required by Microsoft to deactivate your licenses. All data stored in your OneDrive account will be deleted at this point, and any copies of Office you have licensed through UWE will revert to a minimal functionality mode. Usually Office will start to warn you of being unlicensed shortly after your licenses are revoked.

11. What is the difference between my Personal OneDrive and the OneDrive provided by UWE?

The OneDrive facility we provide is officially titled “OneDrive for Business” and provides 1 TB of storage capacity. Microsoft also provide a Personal OneDrive that anyone can sign-up to which provides 5 GB of storage for free.

12. Can I transfer my OneDrive data to my Personal OneDrive?

To do this you would need to download all your UWE OneDrive files to a computer using the OneDrive for Business sync app, and then re-upload them to your Personal OneDrive.

13. What happens to my email when I leave UWE?

Your email account will remain active for 1 year after you complete your course at UWE. After this time your account will be deactivated, and then deleted permanently a few months later to allow for reactivation if you wished to return to UWE to take a future course. Remember your OneDrive and Office licenses are not the same as your email, they will both be deleted and deactivated respectively shortly after you are no longer official at UWE as a student.

14. What if I have any queries regarding Office 365?

In the first instance you should check the online Microsoft Help (, or alternatively contact the IT Support Centre (0117 32 83612,

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