What to avoid at all costs

Never work directly from an email attachment

Before you start working on the attachment, always use 'Save As'. 'Save as' to one of the recommended storage areas.

Don't just open the attachment, work on it and click Save - you will lose your changes and we cannot recover them.

Never start a document without saving it. The computer could crash

Always save a new piece of work as soon as you start it. Many programs will auto-save your work every 15 mins, but they won't, unless you have clicked 'Save As' first.

Never save work solely on a memory stick, as it may become damaged

Always keep important files in more than one location. Save on your H drive, your SkyDrive or removable media.

Never leave your work until the last minute

Most mistakes are made when people are in a rush and under pressure.

When saving personal or confidential data, please do take into consideration the Data Protection Act and the UWE Data Security Policy.

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