Secure Storage

Home vs. Work

The University central storage areas (SharePoint, H and S drives, OneDrive for Business) provide the best place to keep your information secure and safe because:

  • They are backed up regularly. If you accidentally delete a file, it could be recovered from a backup. Note this will depend on when the file was deleted.
  • They allow you to remotely access your files.
  • They allow files to be accessed only by the individuals that need them.


  • Use only UWE Bristol devices to handle confidential or restricted information.
  • Use OneDrive for Business (Intranet access only) to share files with authorised non-UWE staff.
  • Use the University's storage facilities such as SharePoint, Office 365 (eg OneDrive for Business) or H and S drives to store data.
  • If you need to transport restricted or confidential information to an authorised 3rd party using an external storage device you must protect (encrypt) the data on that drive.


  • Store files on local drives (a drive installed inside of or connected to your computer). They may not be backed up or secure.
  • Use other cloud storage services (eg DropBox). The UWE Bristol cloud storage service is OneDrive for Business, it is secure and supported by IT Services.

Who should I contact if I'm not sure?

More information


SharePoint allows you to manage content, knowledge and quickly find information.


  • Use the group functionality to manage your user permissions.
  • Be aware of the new 'Share' feature in SharePoint Online in Office 365 as it is very easy to share a whole site externally.
  • Ensure sites have a single administrator.
  • Review membership at least monthly


  • Use specific permissions at a document or a list item level as it is very difficult to see an overview of all the individual permissions for the site.

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