Restrict Microsoft Office

Restrict access to Microsoft Work, Excel and PowerPoint files

Restrict access to a document


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  1. Create or open an existing document
  2. Left click "File" > "Info" > "Protect Document" > "Restrict Access"
  3. Select an option from the dropdown list:
  • Restricted Access

    Specify access for specific people or groups.

  • UWE Staff Only - Editable

    Only UWE staff can view and edit the document.

  • UWE Staff Only - Read Only

    Only UWE staff can view the document.    


  • Access to a document is restricted to a specific person or group in UWE Bristol.


  • This document can only be opened by authorised members of UWE Bristol staff.

Important: Use the latest version of Microsoft Office provided by the University because this provides the best protection.

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