Protect Microsoft Office


Protect (encrypt) restricted or confidential Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files

Add or remove a password to control access to a document

Protect Document - Encrypt with Password


  1. Create or open a document that needs password protecting.
  2. Left click "File" > "Info" > "Protect Document" > "Encrypt with Password".
  3. Enter a strong and memorable password. For guidance on strong passwords see Passwords
  4. When sharing the file (e.g. via email) remember to share the password using a different method (e.g. text or phone or planned protocol)


  • Encryption protects files.
  • Encryption enables confidential information to be securely shared outside the UWE Bristol network. 


  • The password cannot be recovered if lost or forgotten. 
  • It is not secure to share the password in the same way as the file is shared.

Important: Use the latest version of Microsoft Office provided by the University because this provides the best protection.

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