myUWE and Blackboard Terms and Conditions

You are allowed to use Blackboard or myUWE on the condition that you log in with a user ID and password issued to you personally. You must not use a password or user ID issued to someone else. It is also a condition of your use that when you have finished using Blackboard or myUWE, you must log out using the log out facility provided on every page.

All material submitted to Blackboard or myUWE ('the Site') by you for display on a discussion forum, bulletin board, chat room or similar shall be legal, decent, honest, and truthful and shall not breach any contract, infringe or violate any copyright or trademark or any other personal or proprietary right of any person so as to render the University of the West of England liable to any form of legal proceedings whatsoever.

Where there is a discussion forum, bulletin board, chat room or similar, the University of the West of England reserves the right to delete, move or edit messages, replies or questions posted onto that part of the Site.

If you post a message, comment or question ('a Message') you hereby undertake that this will not be defamatory, actuated by malice, intentionally misleading, unlawful, threatening, abusive or otherwise in any form or containing any material which might infringe the copyright or rights of third parties; further that no advertising material will be placed on the Site by you nor any Message which contains a virus or invites others to access any other material elsewhere which the user knows or has reason to believe contains a virus.

By posting a Message you agree personally to indemnify the University of the West of England from and against all claims, costs, and expenses arising out of any breach of this clause or by reason of that Message or its publication on the Site.

Notwithstanding anything in this clause the University of the West of England has an absolute right, at its discretion, to decline to display, or to omit, suspend, or change the content of your material accepted for display.

Your use of Blackboard or myUWE is also governed by the University's general Acceptable Use Policy. Please note that this forbids links to offensive or otherwise inappropriate material posted on external sites, or to illegal organisations (details of those proscribed in the UK are listed on the UK Government Home Office website).

Advice to students: Intellectual Property Rights

It is assumed you own the copyright of any material you submit to Blackboard or myUWE, and your use of Blackboard or myUWE is on this basis. We do retain a copy or copies of this material for assessment purposes, for a period similar to that for which your other course contributions are retained. If we intend to use your material for any other purposes, we will contact you.

By logging into Blackboard or myUWE, you agree to a range of regulations:

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