Restrict access to emails


Email Security

We can restrict confidential emails to the UWE IT network by using "Permission" controls in Outlook.

Screenshot of the below steps


  1. Create or open the email to be sent
  2. Left click "Options" > "Permission"
  3. Select an option from the dropdown list:








  • Do Not Forward - Editable

    Recipient will not be able to forward the email.

  • UWE Bristol Staff Only - Editable

    Only UWE staff can view and edit the email.

  • UWE Bristol Staff Only - Read Only

    Only UWE staff can view the email.


  • Access to an email is restricted to a specific person or group in UWE Bristol.
  • Confidential information is restricted to the UWE Bristol IT network / managed devices.
  • Supports staff to comply with UWE Bristol remote access policy e.g. will not allow unauthorised people to open confidential information.


  • Only those with a UWE Bristol account using Microsoft Outlook (Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android) can access the email. If you would like to send confidential authorised non-UWE staff member, put the confidential information in a protected file and attach it to the email.

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