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Information Security Toolkit

The Information Security Toolkit consists of training, handy hints, statements of best practice and policies designed to help you fulfil your information security obligations. It raises awareness and highlights simple security practices everyone can use.

The following top tips will help you safe guard against cyber threats to yourself, others and the University and reduce the risk/impact of a data breach:

  • Data breach? We have 72 hours.

    From 25th May 2018, the University is required to report personal data breaches to the ICO within 72 hours.  We must report any data breach immediately to the IT Services Desk by phone: +44 (0)117 328 3612. If in doubt shout! Report it anyway.

  • Know your responsibilities by reading the policies.

    Read the Information Security Policiesso you understand your responsibilities when using University devices, systems and handling data.

  • Treat your password like a toothbrush, never share it and change it every few months.

    Never share your passwords with anyone. The University will never email or call you to confirm your password.

  • Don’t let your waste become someone else’s treasure.

    You must dispose of confidential waste securely (eg confidential waste bin or shredder) and securely erase data before disposing of hardware (eg computers and USB drives). 

  • Before leaving the scene, clear your desk.

    Lock away restricted or confidential information. Read the Information Handling Policy to understand the University's information classifications.

  • Control + Alt + Delete when you leave your seat.

    Always lock or log off a device when you leave it, even for a moment.

  • Email scams: if you suspect deceit, hit delete.

    Be cautious and always think before you click links, open attachments, or download files in emails you receive, regardless of who sent them. Only share restricted or confidential information with those authorised to view it.

  • Be smart, restart.

    Restart your devices so they receive regular updates.

Who should I contact if I'm not sure?

Cyber Essentials Badge

UWE Bristol is a Cyber Essentials certified organisation.

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