Information for final year students

This page is intended for final year students and will provide you with the information needed regarding your access to UWE's IT Service provisions.

Please read through the information here carefully and take necessary actions to ensure you have everything you need.


Your access to myUWE will stop 42 days following the completion date of your course.

Before you lose access please make sure that you have:

  1. Updated your personal details on myUWE, including your home address, telephone number and personal email address. Award certificates and Certificates of Credit will be posted to your home address.
  2. Downloaded your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
  3. Downloaded your Results and Notification of Credit and Assessment Marks
  4. Download your UWE Bristol Futures Award certificate (if you registered and completed the programme)

Once your access is withdrawn we will not be able to download your HEAR, Results and Notification of Credit, Assessment Marks or UWE Bristol Futures Award certificate for you.

Note for returning students:
If you are commencing a new course at UWE, your access to myUWE will be restored when you are asked to register for the course and your login details will remain the same. You will receive an email to the address registered to your application to notify you of this. However, you should ensure all information regarding your current course has been downloaded as this will not be accessible when you start your new course.


Access to Blackboard will stop 42 days following the completion date of your course.Please ensure you have downloaded all feedback from the coursework tab, as once access is withdrawn you will not be able to download your feedback.

UWE InfoHub

You can continue to use UWE's career services after graduation. Simply log into InfoHub where you can access a wide range of online tools through Career Toolkit, search or apply for opportunities and much more.

If you have not done so already, you will need to re-activate your InfoHub account by selecting 'Graduate' on the InfoHub login page, then 'Reset your password'. The password reset email will be sent to the personal email account you registered whilst at UWE Bristol. Please note that all emails sent from InfoHub once you have left will go to this personal email address too.

If you can no longer access or do not remember the personal email account, please complete a lost account form to request access to InfoHub.

If you're having difficulty, contact the InfoHub team.

Student computers and H drive

Access to UWE student computers and your H Drive will also be withdrawn 42 days following the completion date of your course.

If you wish to download your H drive from home, please visit UWE External Access System (XA) webpage, which will provide instructions for how to do this.

Please ensure you have downloaded everything you want to keep from your H drive before access is withdrawn, as once access is removed you will not be able to download your feedback.

Microsoft Office 365

Your subscription to Office3 65 will end shortly after the publication of your results. This means that:

  • your OneDrive for Business account will close at this point, so please ensure that you have downloaded what you need from your OneDrive for Business account before it closes.
  • you will placed on a 3 month trial access to the Microsoft Office package that you were able to install on your pc/laptop/mobile devices after which if you want to continue using this you will need to purchase a package from Microsoft

A note for returning students:
As a returning student you will still be placed on the trial version of MS Office and will have access withdrawn from OneDrive for business, however your license to both of these services will be renewed at the time of registering for your new course.

UWE Email

You will retain access to your student email account for one year following the completion of your course.

To access your email account:

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign in with your UWE username and password.

Guidance on how to keep a copy of your emails is available

Alumni Access

With your certificate you will receive information about the benefits and support available to you as a member of our alumni community.

For more information about the services you'll be able to access as a graduate, visit our Alumni network benefits and services webpage.

Please note that in all instances above, where mentioned the course completion date may be earlier than the final results publication date, so UWE recommends that you take the necessary actions as soon as possible after your results have been published to ensure you do not lose any important information.

Page last updated 13/07/2018

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