Roundtable Discussion 2018

Malicious insider vs. Human error

Reliance acsn hosted Roundtable discussions about Malicious insider vs. Human error, how can we mitigate the weakest link? 

Roundtable with Reliance acsn









The Roundtable focused on:

  • Where can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) support the discovery of threats.
  • Where can it expose weaknesses in the defensive strategy (e.g. if the solution is entirely dependent on AI, it will nearly always catch human error, but a malicious insider will often take a more hidden or surreptitious route).


Roundtable with Reliance acsn









The discussion was focused on:

  • Which risk is greater?
  • How do malicious individuals utilise the innocent intent of users to gain their goals, and what can we do to stop them?
  • How can user education support and educate the user base to help defenders isolate malicious behaviour.
  • Defences – stick or supporter?
  • Does the punitive approach to misuse support malicious activity?


When and Where?

Frenchay Campus - Thursday 18th October between 11:00-11:45 and 14:00-14:45.


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