Escape Room 2018

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What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a new experience for small teams to work collaboratively in order to get themselves out of a locked room environment. Working under a strict time pressure, teams must work in complete harmony to enable them to get out before disaster befalls them!


So, How Does It Work?

Once you have entered The Professor's Study, the activity begins with a video message from a very nervous professor. Upon entry, you have also unwittingly triggered his security device and put yourselves in mortal danger!

Can your team work out the clues and puzzles to firstly disarm the system and then escape the room?

Clues and puzzles are everywhere - both hidden and in plain sight. Your team must identify and complete challenges, solve codex clues and work their way through to the last and most important lock - the one that releases them from the room.

Each session will last a total of 45 mins.

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When and Where?

Frenchay Campus - Thursday 18th October between 10:00-16:00.


Book a place

Players can book a slot to participate in the escape room by assembling a team of 1-10 players and selecting their time slot.

Slots will be allocated on a first come first server basis, until all teams and time slots have been filled.

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