Prize Winners 2018

i-Patch Pirates


Play i-Patch Pirates to become the highest scoring pirate of each galleon. 

Each day of the event, the higest scoring Pirate of each galleon won:

£20 Amazon Voucher

That was 25 chances to win!!!

Winning pirates









There are still a couple £20 Amazon voucher prizes to be claimed for the top scores achieved each day. If you're pirate name is listed below then please emails us by 14th December 2018 to arrange to collect your treasure. The vouchers will not  be available for collect after this date.

You will need to bring your pirate login details with you to verify your winning status:

Galleon Pirate
ACE Baracuda Legs
FBL Deadeye Curr




During the event you could play i-Patch Pirates to collect artefacts and messages in a bottle to win:

Reusable Bottle

Reusable Straw

Gold Chocolate Coins

You can still play i-Patch Pirates, however, there are no more prizes to be won.




Win £150 Amazon voucherAnyone that completed the cyber security online survey in October 2018, had the chance to win:

£150 Amazon Vouchers

The winner has been contacted and voucher collected.


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