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Cyber Security Week - Frenchay, Glenside and Bower Ashton



i-Patch Pirates

What is it about?

Come and immerse yourself in a range of free fun, interactive and educational activities throughout the week to learn about phishing and how to keep you, your data and your devices safe from cyber-crime.

This year the games technology students are working to improve and expand the i-Patch Pirates universe, to make the online game even better for 2019!

PlayWest 2019

You are a target!

"Everyone is a potential victim to cyber criminals and you should expect to be targeted"


14th - 18th October 2019

The online game 'i-Patch Pirates' will be accessible to everyone throughout the event.

Each day you will have a chance to win prizes by playing the online game. Further details to be announced soon.

Which faculty's galleon will sail above the rest? Which pirates will win a prize for the highest score of each galleon? Only time will tell!


We will have a physical event on each campus, at the following locations:

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