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Cyber Security Week - Frenchay, Glenside and Bower Ashton


i-Patch Pirates

What is it about?

Following the success of previous years, the event is back and bigger than before. This year's focus is on raising awareness and promoting good behaviours in various security risk scenarios, with a week-long series of free fun, interactive and educational activities.

We are working with the Games Technology students again to address the themes below. So, come and immerse yourself in a range of engaging interactive activities throughout the week to help keep you, your data and your devices safe from cyber-crime.

Processes, individual behaviours and technologies all combine to protect our information and IT systems from cyber-crime.



Information security is everyone's business.


"As the threat of cyber-attacks grow, it is the responsibility of everyone to help mitigate the risks posed."


15th - 19th October 2018

The online game 'i-Patch Pirates' will be accessible to everyone throughout the event.

Each day you will have a chance to win prizes by playing the online game, which can be collected throughout the week from the information stands at Glenside, Bower Ashton and Frenchay.

Which faculty's galleon will sail above the rest? Which pirates will win a prize for the highest score of each galleon? Only time will tell!


We will have a physical event on each campus, at the following locations:

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