Cyber Security Week

Cyber Security Week


i-Patch Pirates

You are a Target!

Everyone is a potential victim to cyber criminals and you should expect to be targeted.

Come and immerse yourself in a range of free, fun and interactive activities online.

The new and improved i-Patch Pirates online game, brought to you by UWE Bristol PlayWest students working out of the Foundry, is now live!

The i-Patch Pirates universe has been expanded this year to include 2 new mini-games, to help you identify phishing and how to keep you, your data and your devices safe from cyber-crime:

  • Patch-IT
    (Located at the jetties)
    Can you keep your ship patched and update your defences, before the Ghost Ship sends you to the bottom of the sea?
  • Gone Phishing
    (Located at the damaged ships)
    Go fishing for bottles before 'Chompy' the shark destroys them, then identify the phishing messages inside to stop 'Inky' the squid from attacking you!
  • Hornswoggle
    (Bury your gold on land)
    Last year's favourite mini-game makes a welcome return. The bubble popping, treasure chest, codebreaking game.
    Can you keep matching 3 or more colours in a row to reach the locks?

Explore the world of i-Patch Pirates and climb the ranks by collecting gold. Which pirate will sail above the rest? Only time will tell!

Please note, entries to the i-Patch Pirates prizes have now closed. Winning pirates will be contact on or before Friday 01 November 2019.

i-Patch Pirates arcade


14 - 18 October 2019

During the week we held physical events at Frenchay, Glenside and Bower Ashton, where you could seek advice, claim freebies and win prizes.



What's next?

The week may be over, but there is still plenty of fun to be had online.

Complete the quiz to see how much you know about phishing.

Cyber Security Quiz

Can you unlock all 6 levels within i-Patch Pirates and become the highest ranking pirate?

Play i-Patch Pirates Download from Google Play

Check out the Cyber Arcade for access to other online games.

To find out more about cyber-crime, watch our short videos.

More information can be found via the Information Security Toolkit.




If you would like to provide feedback on the 2019 event, or if you have any suggestions for how we could make the event bigger and better for 2020, please email The Cyber Security Team at

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