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i-Patch Pirates

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Online and mobile games

i-Patch Pirates

Screenshots of i-Patch Pirates

The new and improved i-Patch Pirates, brought to you by UWE Bristol PlayWest students working out of the Foundry, is now live!

The i-Patch Pirates universe has been expanded this year to include 2 new mini-games, to help you identify phishing and how to keep you, your data and your devices safe from cyber-crime:

  • Patch-IT
    (Located at the damaged ships)
    Can you keep your ship patched and update your defences, before the Ghost Ship sends you to the bottom of the sea?
  • Gone Phishing
    (Located at the jetties)
    Go fishing for bottles before 'Chompy' the shark destroys them, then identify the phishing messages inside to stop 'Inky' the squid from attacking you!
  • Hornswoggle
    (Bury your gold on land)
    Last year's favourite mini-game makes a welcome return. The bubble popping, treasure chest, codebreaking game.
    Can you keep matching 3 or more colours in a row to reach the locks?

Explore the world of i-Patch Pirates by unlock all 6 levels and climb the ranks by collecting gold, to become the highest ranking pirate.

Play i-Patch Pirates Download from Google Play

Can you spot when you're being phished?

Phishing quiz

Identifying phishing can be harder than you think. Phishing is an attempt to trick you into giving up your personal information by pretending to be someone you know. Can you tell what's fake?

Take the phishing quiz


Cybersecurity lab

Cybersecurity Lab

Can you defend a company that is the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks?

You'll need to strengthen your cyber defences and thwart the attackers by completing a series of challenges by cracking passwords, crafting code and defeating malicious hackers.

Play Cybersecurity lab

Arcade machines

i-Patch Pirates

i-Patch Pirates mini-games

Multiplayer versions of the i-Patch Pirate mini-games are available on the arcade machines during Cyber Security Week.

  • Patch-IT
    Who will be first to defeat the Ghost Ship, by updating your defences and keeping your ship patched?
  • Gone Phishing
    Which pirate will survive 'Inky' the squid, by identify the phishing messages the quickest?
  • Hornswoggle v2

    Come and play the latest release of Hornswoggle, a treasure-chest codebreaking game. Steal all the gold from the chest by matching 3 or more colours in a row to reach the locks.

Virtual Reality games

VR Helpdesk

UWE Bristol students playing the VR game

During the event you could also play the VR Helpdesk, a virtual reality game which our UWE games technology students previously created.

The setting is an IT Service Desk where it is your job to fix the laptops that appear to have been infected by various malware. But this is no ordinary IT Service Desk. This is VR Helpdesk. Go inside the laptop to discover the problem and use the fix-a-tron machine to make the laptops safe again using the safe USB sticks.

Board games



You may come across the board game Cluwedo, which have been dotted around the UWE Bristol campuses.

It is a retro style board game, in which the players have to determine:

  • Who is responsible for a cyber-attack at UWE Bristol
  • How the attack happened
  • Where it took place

Play as Scarlet Fresher, or perhaps Vice Chancellor Brown. Learn about different types of cyber-attacks whilst playing this classic format game.

Can you get to the bottom of this cyber security mystery?

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