From your UWE residential room

Steps to access the UWE network

Before you can connect to the UWE network, you need to...

Note: Before accessing the UWE online services and the UWE network, please see the 'Get started with IT at UWE guide' to ensure you are set up to use these services.

Once in your room of residence, you can access the internet

Students can get Broadband access via StudentCom.

For details and access, please visit StudentCom - UWE Residential Network.

Once in your room of residence, you can access the UWE network and your files stored on UWE servers

First, students need to connect to the internet via StudentCom.

Second, students need to log in to XA (eXternal Access) to access the UWE network including the Intranet, and the UWE file storage areas on the UWE secure servers.

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