Access to the UWE network

What are the options for accessing the UWE network?

Note: Before connecting to the UWE network, please ensure you have read and understood the IT Acceptable Use Policy.

On Campus

From a UWE computer lab

Use a UWE computer, to access:  

  • The internet
  • UWE intranet
  • Library online services
  • myUWE (student portal)
  • Blackboard
  • UWE Email
  • Your UWE homespace and shared network drives e.g  H:/ and S:/ drives.

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From your mobile device

Once on campus, in order to access the internet (not the UWE network) from a mobile device, students need to connect to the UWE wireless network (eduroam). Visitors connecting to eduroam can access their institution's network, if they have external login capability.

From home

eXternal Access (XA)

The eXternal Access (XA) service allows staff and students to access their UWE homespace and shared file areas (e.g H:/ and S:/ drives).  All XA users have access to the UWE intranet as if they were on campus.

Staff are also able to access a desktop giving access to Microsoft Office programs, e-mails and the intranet.

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From UWE residencies

If students want to access the UWE network and their UWE homespace from the UWE residencies, they need to use XA (eXternal access) once logged into StudentCom.

For access and support, please visit StudentCom - UWE Residential Network.

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