World, Meaning and Human Action research theme

The World, Meaning and Human Action research theme approaches various intersecting topics through research methods informed by the breadth of the history of philosophy, in particular European philosophy.

Our research approach investigates and employs the interaction between philosophical thought and cultural, political and critical practices, with a particular emphasis on the collective project of human flourishing.

The World, Meaning, and Human Action research theme was formerly called the Natural World and Technology theme.

Areas of research expertise

  • Art and creative practice
  • Feminist philosophy
  • Life, nature, and process
  • Phenomenology
  • Political philosophy
  • Responsible research and innovation

External partners

Ongoing projects

  • Arts and its Materials
  • FORI – Foundations of Responsible Innovation
  •  UK Schelling Research Network BA bid


Contact the theme leader

For further information about this theme, please email
Dr Francesco Tava


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