What is Social Science in the City?

Most people have ideas about the kind of society in which they would like to live and they also have some idea of pressing social problems we all, in our various walks of life face, especially now in the context of radical public spending cuts.

Social Science in the City is a free public engagement event which represents the commitment of speakers and audiences to the generation of discussions about important questions relating to how we might live and work in today’s society; how we might think about and tackle the various pressing environmental, economic, social and political issues which face us in our different walks of life.

Social Science in the City is for all of us – those diverse members, partners and affiliates of UWE Bristol – who collectively work and support the initiative through talks, web-site design, administration and the provision of venues, as well as those who express their commitment through attendance at talks. It is a collective initiative which is dedicated to sharing social scientific research, as well as the experiences, skills and insights of participants in discussions.

The Department of Health and Applied Social Sciences at UWE Bristol and the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences of which it is a part, supports these fundamental aims – the university and members of the general public thinking together about issues which are critical for us all.

The initiative is envisaged as an opportunity for members of the public to listen and contribute to critical and informed debate in a congenial café atmosphere.

Social Science in the City provides

  • a space to reflect
  • network and
  • share ideas
  • develop partnerships for the research, educational, consulting projects to contribute to the enhancement of social life.

Social Science in the City is also a growing hub of activities which will focus on disseminating information, sharing resources, findings and interests, initiating and developing applied social research, consultancy, educational and training programmes.

Let us know about your interests and projects and we can help point you in the direction of social researchers, professionals and practitioners who may be able to contribute.

Public engagement and social science

Stella Maile and David Griffiths explore the value of public engagement in the wider social science context in the book Public Engagement and Social Science. You can purchase a copy via the Policy Press website.

"A timely and rich contribution to discussions of public engagement and the impact of the social sciences." The London School of Economics (LSE)

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