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Social Science in the City is an innovative and unique platform for public engagement. Bringing together academics, policy makers, key stakeholders and the general public, Social Science in the City seeks to give the public of the greater South West region the opportunity to engage directly in exchanging experiences and ideas in support of bringing about innovative and progressive change.

Prioritising the key themes of  Equalities and Justice; Health and Wellbeing; Sustainable Futures; and Creativities and Art, Social Science in the City promotes a range of events through the course of the year, and via multiple formats, including The Politics Café; Thought in Action; Let's Debate!; and Better Bristol.

The Social Science in the City team is led by staff from the Department of Health and Social Sciences within the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, and comprises:

along with three other Social Science in the City Coordinators:

About the SSC Team

Dr Anne Foley

Dr Anne Foley is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and has recently joined the Social Science in the City Coordinators team.  Anne’s research interest lies within informal systems of practised by marginalised groups who more often than not have no access to formal routes of justice, in particular, her work focuses on Gypsies and Travellers who remain one of the most marginalised ethnic minority groups.

More broadly, her research interests encapsulate post-colonialism and its legacy,  marginalised and ‘hidden’ minority groups as well as access to justice. She has recently contributed to the forthcoming book ‘The Encyclopedia of Women and Crime’ where she writes about Gypsy and Traveller women and their sense of justice and is currently working on a research project with Dr Anastasia Karamalidou evaluating the effectiveness of travel assistance for prisoners and their families.

Anne is committed to public engagement and has organised a number of events; the most recent event explored the post-colonial legacy on social justice in BAME communities which was held in St Paul’s. Other events include a screening of an independent documentary ‘Injustice’ which was followed by a panel discussion.

Dr Stella Maile

Dr Stella Maile is a Senior Lecturer, Associate Head of Department and General Convenor of Social Science in the City an initiative which resulted in a co-edited collection on Public Engagement and Social Science for Bristol’s Policy Press. She has written and published in the broader areas of gender, work, the unconscious imaginaries of migration and political economy; including a co-authored book on Stakeholding and the International Order. Other publications have drawn on critical discourse analysis as one means of exploring the subliminal thoughts and feelings of political and managerial language.

Stella has a keen interest in the insights offered by psychoanalysis to the political, social and personal practices which comprise everyday life and is a practicing member of the British Psychoanalytic Council. She has sat on the editorial board of the British Sociological Society’s publication ‘Sociology’ and engaged in numerous policy led discussions relating to such matters as corporate governance, equalities and diversity.  

Dr Jon Mulholland

Dr Jon Mulholland is an Associate Professor in Sociology at UWE Bristol, and a Coordinator for Social Science in the City. Jon has researched in the fields of migration, ethnicity and nationalism, and more recently in the area of sustainability.

Jon has won research grants from the Economic and Social Research Council and the British Academy, and has published the findings of these and other research projects extensively, most recently in the book Gendering Nationalism: Intersections of Nation, Gender and Sexuality (Palgrave, Mulholland, J., Montagna, N., Sanders-McDonagh, E.). Jon is committed to the value of an engaged public social science, and to this end has organised multiple public and policy engagement events. Jon currently sits on Bristol City Council’s Inclusive Cities Taskforce.

Dr Francesco Tava

Dr Francesco Tava is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, and has recently joined the team of Coordinators for Social Science in the City. Francesco’s research interests encompass moral and political philosophy, phenomenology, and history of philosophy. He wrote a monograph, The Risk of Freedom, on the political phenomenology of Czech philosopher and dissident Jan Patočka, and published a series of articles and book chapters on related themes. Francesco is currently working on a research project concerning the idea of political solidarity within the European frame.

Besides philosophy, Francesco is keen on literature and cinema. Together with colleagues from UWE Bristol's Philosophy and Politics, he has established Thought in Action – a series of film screenings and discussions at Watershed which, since its launch in October 2018, has engaged more than 500 viewers as well as 21 speakers of 16 different nationalities. Francesco has also co-organised research pilots and public engagement events in collaboration with Agora Europe, BrisSynBio, and NewHoRRIzon.

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