Online debates

Four online debates will take place throughout 2012/13. These are a series of discussions between invited practitioners, academics and relevant parties on a variety of issues relating to sex offender management and reintegration.

Content of online debates

The following online discussions will be conducted in a closed online environment. Transcripts will be available on this page shortly after the debate.

  • Online discussion 1: Public understandings of sexual abuse and sexual abusers

    This discussion will focus on the public's understanding of issues around sexual offending and whether existing professional educational techniques are working, or is a change in tactics needed. See online discussion 1 summary.

  • Online discussion 2: Access to and the impact of sex offender disclosure on minority groups.

    This discussion will focus on both minority offending and victim groups, examining the unique issues, concerns and impacts that disclosure has upon these groups. See online discussion 2 summary.

  • Online discussion 3: The reality of sex offender reintegration currently within the UK.

    This discussion will focus on the realities of sex offender reintegration and management in the community, in the light of disclosure, austerity and changes to the Criminal Justice System (CJS). See online discussion 3 summary.

  • Online discussion 4: International approaches to understanding and responding to sexual abuse.

    This discussion will focus on international aspects of sexual offending, including, what this means in terms of aetiology, offending, treatment, policy, practice and management. See online discussion 4 summary.

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