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Public Disclosure of Sex Offender Information Knowledge Exchange Network

The Public Disclosure of Sex Offender Information Knowledge Exchange Network is a collaboration of three universities and ten partners. It is an international partnership, designed to engage practitioners, academics and policy makers on issues of sex offender risk management and public protection. The network is also committed to public and societal education on issues of sex offender etiology, offending, management and reintegration.

About the project

This knowledge exchange project brings together a range of different criminal justice agencies, practitioners, charities and non governmental organisations (NGO's) in a number of different events including seminars, a conference, and online discussions to debate the use of sex offender public disclosure in the UK, and its contribution to public protection, offender management, and sex offender management.


The project aims to bring together criminal justice policy makers, managers and practitioners, key charities and NGOs with leading UK and international academics to facilitate learning from the recent UK pilots of a Sex Offender Public Disclosure scheme (Kemshall et al, 2010; Chan et al, 2010); focusing on the schemes impact upon sex offender reintegration and management, as well as the promoting public awareness.

The project will draw on evaluations of the pilots and related attitudes in England and Wales (Kemshall et al 2010), Northern Ireland (McCartan: research ongoing) and Scotland (Chan et al 2010), involving the leading UK academics on sex offender notification and disclosure, sex offender supervision in the community, and issues of compliance with registration requirements.

The project will identify best practice, discuss common and specific issues relating to the scheme in the UK, as well as provide evidence based advice on future policy development.


The key objectives of the bid are to:

  • review, compare and apply the current evidence of best practice and impact from the English and Scottish pilots, as well as implementation in Wales
  • review issues of access and take-up of the public disclosure scheme
  • to review the impact on of the scheme on sex offenders.

These objectives will be shaped by comparisons across the UK as well and the Republic of Ireland, examining variations, unique and distinctive factors, and the role of localism in shaping the design and delivery of public disclosure.

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