Research themes of the Psychological Sciences Research Group

Psychology research at UWE Bristol has a track record in delivering applied research around four themes.

Ageing Well (AW)

Theme leaderDr Gary Christopher.

Our focus within the Ageing Well theme is to help improve the quality of life of people across all age groups. Much of our research focuses on healthy ageing. We address the challenges posed by an ageing society, as well as developing theories to aid our understanding of the ageing process itself.

We have a great deal of expertise specifically around everyday cognitive function and emotion regulation, especially in terms of how well we are able to deal effectively with life's challenges. Our research on dementia is aimed at better understanding how people deal emotionally with the condition. We are also developing intergenerational research as a way to promote well-being for all.

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Applied Cognition and Neuroscience (ACN)

Theme leader: Dr Kait Clark.

The Applied Cognition and Neuroscience (ACN) theme is home to our cognitive and experimental psychologists and neuroscientists. We have a common interest in exploring the workings of the mind and brain with an ultimate goal of translating our findings into real-world applications.

We specialise in areas including visual perception and attention, language and literacy development, emotion regulation, and social cognition. Our work also examines the impacts of factors such as drugs, sleep, and executive function on performance.

Our work has wide-ranging applications, including security science and radiology, offender identification, bilingualism and education, prejudice in society, alcohol consumption behaviour, driverless car technology, and virtual reality.

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Optimising Performance and Engagement (OPE)

Theme leader: Gemma Pike.

The Optimising Performance and Engagement theme is made up of sport, exercise and work psychologists. We draw from psychological research evidence to design and implement strategies to optimise performance and engagement in sport and work contexts. We also examine the mechanisms that promote factors such as motivation, well-being, decision making and teamwork.

Our expertise is drawn from both research experience as well as applied practice. Our collaborations include projects with individuals, such as elite athletes and senior managers; teams, in both sports and business; as well as public and private-sector organisations and national governing bodies.

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Promoting Psychological Health (PPH)

Theme leader: Dr Miles Thompson.

The Promoting Psychological Health theme is home to many of the staff who teach on our Masters and Professional Doctoral programmes in Health Psychology, Counselling Psychology and Music Therapy.

In our focus on promoting psychological health, we design, deliver and evaluate individual and group interventions. Importantly, we define promoting psychological health broadly and critically. As such we think it is vital that our work also seeks to understand communities and environments and to be aware of the wider social factors that can cause harm at all levels. We have particular interests in areas related to community psychology and host the DRAW (Developing Research on the Arts and Well-being) special interest group.

Watch the Promoting Psychological Health theme video.

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