Research themes of the Psychological Sciences Research Group

Psychology research at UWE Bristol has a track record in delivering applied research around three themes.

Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience (CPaN)

The theme leader is Dr Kait Clark.

The Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience (CPaN) theme consists of cognitive, experimental and applied psychologists and neuroscientists.

Expertise include:

  • executive functioning
  • language and literacy development
  • psychopharmacology
  • sleep loss and fatigue
  • attention and distraction
  • emotional processing
  • visual illusions
  • human-machine interaction (including driving and autonomous driving)
  • learning technologies
  • biological markers of developmental disorders
  • neural systems underpinning vision.

Members use methods and equipment such as eye trackers, physiological monitoring and EEG (electroencephalogram).

Lifespan and Developmental Psychology (LaDP)

The theme leader is Dr Gary Christopher.

The Lifespan and Developmental Psychology (LaDP) theme embraces research that covers the entire age range, from birth to old age.

We have expertise in early child development, exploring for example, language development. In older adults its everyday problems experienced as the result of the normal ageing process.

For dementia we develop a theoretical understanding of the emotional and cognitive processes associated with these conditions. Plus the development and assessment of interventions for this group.

Psychologically Informed Environments and Interventions (PIEaI)

The theme leader is Dr Miles Thompson.

The Psychologically Informed Environments  and Interventions (PIEaI) theme, applies psychological insights to real-world environments.  We design, deliver and evaluate interventions in these environments. 

We have particular research interests in the area of:

  • organisational factors and performance
  • engagement and creativity
  • art and wellbeing
  • third wave cognitive and behavioural therapies such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness.
  • community psychology.

PIEaI represents the research theme hub for our Masters and Professional Doctoral programmes in psychology, these being occupational, sports and exercise, and healthcounselling psychology and music therapy programme.


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