Lead academics

Professor James Byrne (co-applicant)

Professor Byrne is the Director of a new Griffith University initiative, the Global Centre for Evidence-based Corrections and Sentencing.

James Byrne's publications

Dr Andrew Harris (co-applicant)

Dr Harris is Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs at the UMass Lowell.

Andrew Harris' publications

Professor Hazel Kemshall (co-applicant)

Professor Kemshall is Professor of Community and Criminal Justice at De Montfort University.

Hazel Kemshall's publications

Dr Kieran McCartan (principle investigator)

Dr McCartan is an Associate Professor in Criminology at UWE Bristol.

Kieran McCartan's publications

Dr Heather Moulden (co-applicant)

Dr Heather Moulden is Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at McMaster University in Hamiliton, Ontario.

Heather Moulden's publications

  • Moulden, H. M., Chaimowitz, G., Mamak, M. and Hawes, J. (2013). Understanding how sexual offenders compare across psychiatric and correctional settings: Examination of Canadian mentally ill sexual offenders. Journal of Sexual Aggression, 19, 1-10.
  • Moulden, H. M., Firestone, P., Kingston, D. A., and Bradford, J. M. (2009). Recidivism in pedophiles: An investigation using different diagnostic methods. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, 20, 680-691.

Dr Dominique de Andrade

Dr Dominique de Andrade is a post doctoral research fellow at the Global Centre for Evidence-based Corrections and Sentencing at Griffith University.

Dominique de Andrade's publications

Professor Bas Vogelvang (co-applicant)

Professor Vogelvang is from Avans University in Holland.

Bas Vogelvang's publications

Dr Robin Wilson (co-applicant)

Dr Wilson an Assistant Clinical Professor [Adjunct] at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Robin Wilson's publications

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