About the network

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Community Engagement and Partnership Working with sexual Offenders: Informing debate and sharing good practice.

The Community Engagement and Partnership Working with Sexual Offenders International Network is a collaboration of seven academics from six universities across five counties. We also have a number of national and international partners.

It is an international partnership, designed to engage practitioners, academics and policy makers on issues of sexual offender risk management and public protection.

The network is also committed to public and societal education on issues of sexual offender etiology, offending, management and reintegration.

About the project

This international network brings together a range of multidisciplinary academics, different criminal justice agencies, practitioners, charities and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) in a number of different events including visiting scholarships, seminars and conferences, online discussions, roundtables and special interest sessions.

All of our activities look to debate, nationally and internationally, sexual offender management; community engagement and public protection on sexual offending; prevention of sexual abuse; and sexual offender management.

Aims of the project

The project aims to bring together criminal justice policy makers, managers and practitioners, key charities and NGO s with leading international academics to facilitate a discussion about the realities of the community reintegration of sexual abusers.

This network is uniquely based to discuss these issues as it represents a broad geographical area, a wide disciplinary base, a wealth of research and policy experience and detailed knowledge and experience of the different aspects of sexual violence.

This network aims to generate and facilitate cutting edge debates and highlight best practice. As a consequence, the network will benefit policy makers, academics and practitioners locally, nationally and transnationally.

By bringing together international leaders in the field, the network will facilitate a shared understanding of sexual offender reintegration and management to assist in addressing a risky population in an effective joined up way that assists communities, policy makers and practitioners in a time of austerity.

Objectives of the project

This international network will examine and compare approaches to community engagement around sexual offender management and reintegration, through state sponsored and charity run projects, to examine whether:

  • Practitioners, policy makers and communities share the same concerns surrounding sexual offender rehabilitation, reintegration and management;
  • If there is good partnership working between practitioners and communities around sexual offender rehabilitation, reintegration as well as management, nationally and internationally, and;
  • Identify examples of best practice (locally, nationally and internationally) with communities in promoting their engagement with sexual offenders.

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