Knowledge Mobilisation theme

Supporting the co-creation of clinically informed, relevant research; evidence informed commissioning; and the integration of research evidence into clinical practice.

Considerable funds are spent on healthcare research in the UK, yet there is consistent evidence demonstrating that research findings either fail to become integrated into standard care, or that clinical and cost-effective outcomes demonstrated in empirical research are infrequently replicated in practice.

Our new over-arching theme of ‘Knowledge Mobilisation’ seeks to facilitate the integration of evidence-based interventions into practice, and to understand the processes that affect the successful dissemination and translation of newly acquired knowledge. This can improve both healthcare and the societal impact of our research.

Our team have strong partnership working with local clinical commissioning organisations, and in particular Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative, who have made significant investment in our work.  We have a record of funding from NIHR and major UK charitable organisations to facilitate research in this area. Our staff also run an M-level module in ‘Knowledge Mobilisation’.

For further details of our work or to discuss potential collaborative opportunities please contact Professor Nicola Walsh at


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