Key research themes

Activity within the Centre for Health and Clinical Research is focused on five main research themes (PROactive; Emergency Care; Child Health; MAMBO; ACTIoN) supported by the Knowledge Mobilisation theme. Researchers work closely across disciplines combining research interests and expertise.

PROactive (Pain, rehabilitation and innovation)

Developing therapeutic approaches to improve treatment, rehabilitation and service delivery for the benefit of people with chronic pain or sensory motor impairment.

Emergency care

Leading research and innovative practice in pre-hospital and emergency care.

Child health

Making a difference to children and young people's wellbeing in community and healthcare environments.

MAMBO (Musculoskeletal Management, Measurement, Behaviour Change and Outcomes)

Conducting research that identifies and addresses the needs of patients with musculoskeletal conditions and informs delivery of services to optimise outcomes.

ACTIoN (Assessment, Care, Treatment In Neurology)

A new partnership bringing together researchers from different departments and professional backgrounds with a shared interest in working in neurogenic clinical conditions, including (but not confined to) stroke and dementia.

Knowledge mobilisation

Supporting the co-creation of clinically informed, relevant research; evidence informed commissioning; and the integration of research evidence into clinical practice.


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