Children's Nursing at Glenside Campus

"With children's nursing, you're not only looking after the children but you're working very closely with the families. Especially when children are going down to theatre you have to get the children prepared. You also have to care for the parents because it’s a really traumatic time for them. I've got children on my own who have undergone operations therefore I can empathise with the parents."

Jane - Children's Nursing Student, Glenside Campus

Being on placement

Going on the ward in my first placement I was surprised how many babies there were that were taken straight from birth on to the ward. I imagined it would be a lot older children, but you had day old babies that had genetic malformations and who needed surgery straight away.

You're on your placements for three months, so you get 12 weeks in a live situation. You work primarily with one person, learning a whole band of skills that you're prepared for in university before actually going on the placement and there you put them into practice.

I found doing the course when you have a family has been very challenging, time management wise. Having supportive people around you is a great benefit, because when you are on placements you are doing shifts. It does take a lot of preparation and dedication, but when you finish your degree you come out with a profession as well as a qualification. You come out prepared for a job at the end of it. Whether you want it to be on the wards or in the community, you're getting a preparation to carry you forward.

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