Adult Nursing at Glenside Campus

"Glenside is the best UWE campus; it's so beautiful and amazing. It's such a family here, everybody supports you and it's easy to get to know new people.
The support at UWE is really good, from lecturers to tutors, mentors on placement and the Student’s Union."

Aled - Adult Nursing Student, Glenside Campus

Making a difference

When you start placements you can already see some of the differences you make even as a first year student. Sitting down and talking to a patients, acknowledging them may bring a smile to their face. It is basic human rights. You might need that treatment at some point and you could be that person.

To be a nurse it takes something more – not just your academic skills, but also your personal skills. Anybody can go to lectures, but it takes a special person to complete the degree and to make that difference which is what it's all about really.

Improving your skills

Each year of the degree you become more competent and you gain more responsibility. In the first year it's all about understanding what nursing is, improving your communication skills and getting involved as much as you can, whereas in the second year you start to initiate care. In third year you then should be able to manage a ward. But you're never on your own in placement, you always have support and the nurses like to share their knowledge with you. Everyone works together. I'm still friends with some of them now.

Being a nursing student

We're not what you might think typical students are like, we have to work hard for what we get at the end of our three years. But despite all the hard work we have to do, I knew after my first placement this is what I want to do and I knew Glenside and the UWE was where I wanted to be.

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