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Sociology is the study of society and the social forces and social institutions that shape human behavior and interaction.

Studying Sociology at UWE

Our sociology programmes provide the opportunity to explore sociological theories and concepts in the context of issues that are relevant to our everyday lives. Raising questions such as 'How are global communications media and social networking sites impacting on everyday culture and patterns of social inequality?' and 'How are global dynamics of social change impacting on the experience of childhood, the organisation of the family and the organisation and meaning associated with the mobilisation of social and political movements?'.

Studying Sociology at UWE offers you the opportunity of engaging with some of the leading scholars in their fields in a friendly atmosphere. The Sociology team is comprised of experienced and supportive lecturers and researchers dedicated to a high quality BA course offered to students from diverse backgrounds.

Employable graduates

The sociology programmes at UWE provide an opportunity to develop both the analytical skills that will enable you to engage with real world issues and questions and to gain a range of transferable skills that will enhance employment and career prospects.

Great graduate prospects

Student view

Find out about Ben's experience of studying BA(Hons) Sociology at UWE.

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Did you know?

  • 97% of Sociology students are overall satisfied with the quality of the course.
    (Source: 2019 National Student Survey)
  • UWE guarantees at least 12 contact hours of teaching and related academic activities.

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