Social Work

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Social Work is a professional and academic discipline which promotes social change and problem solving in human relationships. Social work is committed to the pursuit of social welfare, social justice and human rights. 

The role of social workers

Social workers draw on knowledge and understanding from a range of academic disciplines including sociology, psychology, social policy, law and philosophy. Effective social work also requires skills in making relationships with a wide range of people in complex situations, often involving stress and high emotion. 

Respect for the people they work with and a concern to help them develop their strength and abilities must be at the heart of what they do. Social workers must have strong analytical abilities, alertness to the ethical and political complexity of the situations they are involved in (including the needs, rights, responsibilities and risks of everyone involved), and the courage to make decisions in the face of doubt and uncertainty. 

Skills for the real world

Social work education at UWE Bristol helps both current and future social workers develop these capabilities throughout their careers. The programme works with a well-established group of service users and carers who contribute actively to student learning. Active and substantial links with practitioners and agencies in the region contribute to this, and students are encouraged to explore the diversity of services available to people and the different approaches to meeting need and managing risk.

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Did you know?

  • Social work students spend 170 days on placement in addition to a range of university-based skills development opportunities.

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